T/C Cost Schedule


Effective October 31, 2022, the following was adopted as the Schedule of Court Costs in criminal and non-waiverable traffic cases:

Cost Schedule

Misdemeanors Felonies
Court Costs$166.00$166.00
State Costs$29.00$39.00
Additional Court Costs Misdemeanors
Active Probation; General-Minor (Under 3 months)75.00
Active Probation; General-Major (Over 3 months)125.00
Active Probation; Domestic Violence,Stalking or TPO Related125.00
ALS Appeal75.00
A D R Fee (Charged to TRC & FOP Cases)25.00
Amending a Charge (per charge)35.00
Application for Consent to Waive20.00
Arrest Pick Up (Service Fee)50.00
Bond Forfeiture Hearing20.00
Bond Reduction Hearing20.00
Bond Posting10.00
Bureau of Motor Vehicles Suspension Appeals: (12 Point / FRA / BMV Pay Plan / Drug Offense / Out of State OVI)100.00
Capias or Bench Warrant Issued100.00
Certified Copy of Current Case Docket10.00
Certified Copy of Journal Entry5.00
Community Service For Non-Indigent25.00
Contempt of Court Hearing25.00
Motion to Continue20.00
Cuyahoga County Regional Information System (CRIS Fee) Charged per moving violation, traffic cases only. Does not apply to Seat Belt violations for driver or passenger5.00
Dismissal of Jury After 4:00 P.M. Prior to Trial100.00
Sealing of Record of Conviction50.00
Sealing of Record (Non-Conviction)50.00
First Offender's Program175.00
First Offender's Removal50.00
Housing Probation50.00
Jury Fee (per day per person)25.00
License Forfeiture75.00
Motions/Requests (Miscellaneous) Unless otherwise specified20.00
Motion for Occupational Driving Privileges35.00
Notice of Appeal - (Plus a Check for $175.00 payable to Clerk of Court, Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County )50.00
Parking Citation Transferred to Traffic Docket61.00
Payment Plan25.00
Photocopies (charge per page, no outside copies)0.05
Presentence Investigation - Referral75.00
Processing Checks/Charges Returned as Uncollectable/NSF/Reversed30.00
Recording of Proceedings25.00
Registration Block Processing25.00
Release of Immobilization/Forfeiture of Vehicle25.00
Request for Court Appointed Attorney / Public Defender25.00
Service by Bailiff - For 3 attempts, per person30.00
Summons Issued25.00
Suspension Termination50.00
Vehicle Registration Block25.00
Witness Fee per Half Day6.00
Witness Subpoena Issuance10.00

Department Phone Numbers

General Information: (216) 491-1300

Payment of Fines & Costs

Payment of your criminal/traffic violation can be made by cash, personal check, money order, and credit card, (MasterCard, and Visa only). All payments must be in U.S. Dollars. Please make checks payable to: SHAKER HEIGHTS MUNICIPAL COURT.

To link to the Waiver Cost Schedule click here.

For questions on the above schedule, please call the court at (216) 491-1300.

Collection Agency Information

If a warrant is issued on your case for failure to pay, your case will be sent to collections. Once this process takes place, all communications about paying the case off will be handled by the collection agency. The collection agency information is:

Capitol Recovery Systems, Inc.
750 Cross Pointe Rd. Suite S
Columbus, Ohio 43230
Toll Free: (800) 693-6835
Fax: (614) 575-0794