If you receive a parking ticket you may pay the fine listed on the face of the ticket via the court’s website, by mail or in person at the court during business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm). Payments are also accepted after hours or on weekends at the Shaker Heights Police Department. Please note that the fine increases after 30 days and 60 days. Delinquent citations are sent to Capital Recovery Systems (1.877.328.2106).

If you desire to contest the citation, please file a not guilty plea to the charge at the court by mail or in person. Not guilty forms are available online or at the court.

SectionParking ViolationPay within 30 daysPay 31-60 daysPay after 60 days
1153.04Expired Parking Meter$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.02No Parking 2 AM to 6 AM$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Parking Within 30 Feet Stop/Yield Sign$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Parked In The Fire Lane$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Parked In A Prohibited Zone$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Double Parked$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Parked Within 10 Feet of Fire Hydrant$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Parked Within 20 Feet of Crosswalk/Intersection$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Parked on Crosswalk, Sidewalk, Lawn$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Blocking Intersection$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Blocking Public/Private Driveway$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.03Parked Over Legal Limit On Street$25.00$100.00$130.00
1155.03Parked Over Legal Limit Municipal Parking Lot$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.05Parked Rush Hour Zone$25.00$100.00$130.00
1155.05Overnight Park/Municipal Lot$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.04Parked over 12” From Curb$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.04Parked Opposite Direction of Traffic$25.00$100.00$130.00
1151.04Parked in Handicapped Zone$100.00$300.00$390.00
1151.07Motor Running Unattended/and or Key in Ignition$25.00$100.00$130.00