Civil Cost Schedule


Effective October 31, 2022, the following was adopted as the Schedule of Court Costs in Civil Cases:


Item Basic Cost Ohio Legal Aid Total Cost
Amended Complaint50.0050.00
Civil Action, One Defendant104.0026.00130.00
Civil Action, Each Additional Defendant20.0020.00
Cognovit Complaint104.0026.00130.00
Crossclaim Per Party50.0050.00
Forcible Entry and Detainer104.0026.00130.00
Forcible Entry and Detainer Each Additional Defendant20.0020.00
Third Party Complaint50.0050.00
Transfer of Civil or Small Claims to Another Court Due to Improper Venue39.0039.00
Transfer of a Small Claims Complaint to Civil Docket (By motion or amount of counterclaim or crossclaim) O.R.C. 1925.10 115.0015.00130.00


Item Total Cost
Adding New Party Defendant20.00
Alias Service of Summons (per defendant) Certified & Regular Mail20.00
Application for Order of Disposition of Property25.00
Bailiff Service (court district only 3 attempts per person) Only $10.00 returned if improperly filed30.00
Motion for Continuance (pass letter)20.00
Correcting Names20.00
Jury Demand Deposit - $250.00 due at time of filing. Balance due at conclusion of pretrial. $70.00 Non-refundable for notices and jury preparation once date is set.1100.00
Motion for Default Judgment20.00
Motion for Relief from Judgment or to Modify Judgment30.00
Motion to Show Cause25.00
Motion to Revive Judgement
Notice of Appeal to Court of Appeals (Plus $175.00 check payable to Clerk of Court, Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County)95.00
Notice of Transfer to Common Pleas (Plus $250.00 check payable to Clerk of Court, Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County)95.00
Objection to Magistrate's Decision10.00
Request for Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law20.00
Subpoena, Each Witness (plus $6.00 check made payable to witness)10.00
All Other Motions20.00

Small Claims

Item Basic Cost Ohio Legal Aid Total Cost
Small Claims Complaint69.0011.0080.00
Small Claims Complaint for Each Additional Defendant20.0020.00
Amended Complaint20.0020.00
Cross Claim20.0020.00
Request for Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law20.0020.00
Objections to Magistrate's Decision10.0010.00
Third Party Complaint20.0020.00

Collections/Statutory Proceedings Costs

Item Total Cost
Assignment of Judgment10.00
Examination before Judge (Per Judgment Debtor)25.00
Examination in Small Claims (Statement only)(Per Judgment Debtor)25.00
Garnishment Other Than Personal Earnings (i.e. Bank Attachment)50.00
Garnishment Other Than Personal Earnings/Each Additional Judgment Debtor10.00
Garnishment Other Than Personal Earnings/Each Additional Bank (Plus separate check for $1.00 to each bank per Judgment Debtor - Example: 3 banks; $80.00 to court plus 3 separate $1.00 checks.)15.00
Garnishment of Personal Earnings 145.00
Garnishment Release 15.00
Execution of Judgment/Levy ($20 non-refundable if withdrawn) 250.00
Execution of Judgment/Sale500.00
Execution of Judgment/Appraisal Fee (Per Appraiser, 3 minimum)150.00
Revivor of Judgment 50.00
Transfer of Judgement From Another Court 150.00
Writ (restitution or execution) 25.00


Item Total Cost
Certificate of Judgment (for transfer or for lien)15.00
Certified Copy of Current Case Docket 10.00
Certified Copy of Journal Entry 10.00
Exemplified Copy of Docket (transcript)35.00
Marriage Fee 50.00
Photocopies (Charge per page, no outside copies)0.05
Tape Retrieval 25.00
Jury Fee (per day per person)25.00
Express Mail (up to 8 oz.)30.00
Trusteeship Filing Fee - At the time funds disbursed, 2% of funds on deposit is retained for court costs, plus $1.00 per check written. 50.00
Rent Deposit Cost (1% of total deposit upon disbursement)

Please note: All payments must be in U.S. Dollars.