Shaker Heights Municipal Court employs Magistrates to conduct certain hearings. Magistrates typically hears cases such as small claims, evictions, post-judgment execution, traffic arraignments and civil cases.

  • Ethan Gee, Magistrate
  • Greg Gentile, Traffic Court Magistrate
  • Leslie Johns, Traffic Court Magistrate

In certain cases, such as small claims and evictions cases, the Magistrates will render a decision. In the event that you feel the Magistrate's decision is in error, you may file objections. Objections to a Magistrate's decision must be made in writing and filed with the Court within fourteen days of the filing of the decision. Any pleading must be served upon the other side, and must also comply with local court rules and the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. If you have questions about these requirements, you should consult an attorney.